FOI Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 creates a right of access to information held by public bodies. In addition to this right of access, LSTM actively publishes previous requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 within our Disclosure Logs.

Please note, the email address within the following documents has been changed to, please use this address for any correspondence relating to Freedom Of Information matters.

Reference Number Topic Response
February 2015     
 LSTM/FOI/15-002 Male & female academics LSTM/FOI/15-002
January 2015    
LSTM/FOI/15-001 Videoconferencing enterprise. LSTM/FOI/15-001
December 2014    
 LSTM/FOI/14-019 Research misconduct & concordat LSTM/FOI/14-019
November 2014    
 LSTM/FOI/14-018 Emoluments and travel  LSTM/FOI/14-018
 LSTM/FOI/14-017  Research misconduct LSTM/FOI/14-017
LSTM/FOI/14-016  Student contract  LSTM/FOI/14-016
 LSTM/FOI/14-015 Disposal of IT equipment  LSTM/FOI/14-015
October 2014    
LSTM/FOI/14-014 Automatic doors LSTM/FOI/14-014
LSTM/FOI/14-013 International student recruitment LSTM/FOI/14-013
LSTM/FOI/14-012 Financial accounting software LSTM/FOI/14-012
LSTM/FOI/14-011 Tier 4 sponsor licence LSTM/FOI/14-011
September 2014    
LSTM/FOI/14-010 Remuneration of over £100,000 LSTM/FOI/14-010
August 2014    
LSTM/FOI/14-009 Payments to the CBI LSTM/FOI/14-009
LSTM/FOI/14-008 Concordat to Support Research Integrity LSTM/FOI/14-008
 June 2014    
 LSTM/FOI/14-007  Blocked websites  LSTM/FOI/14-007
 April 2014    
 LSTM/FOI/14-006  Subsidiary companies delivering educational services  LSTM/FOI/14-006
February 2014    
 LSTM/FOI/14-005  Caffeinated drinks LSTM/FOI/14-005
 LSTM/FOI/14-002  Vietnamese Students LSTMFOI14-002
January 2014    
LSTM/FOI/14-001 Research misconduct LSTMFOI14001

October 2013

LSTM/FOI/13-003 Misconduct in research LSTMFOI13003

September 2013

LSTM/FOI/13-002   Procurement Cards  LSTMFOI13002
August 2013    
LSTM/FOI/13-001  Animal Testing  LSTMFOI13001