Ms Laura Myhill

Research Assistant

Areas of interest:

Pathogenesis of filariasis. Wolbachia as an anti-filarial drug target. Use of Wolbachia in in vitro culture systems. 


Laura graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2010 with a degree in Animal Science, during which she was awarded a BBSRC summer research scholarship. Laura continued at Nottingham to pursue her interest in research, and graduated with a Master of Research in Parasitology in 2011. After two years working in industry for a start-up pharmaceutical company developing a lead product for first-in-man clinical trials, she joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as a research assistant for the Anti-Wolbachia (A.WOL) Consortium directed by Professor Mark Taylor.


The obligate intracellular bacteria of filarial nematodes, Wolbachia, is essential for nematode survival, and therefore makes an ideal anti-filarial drug target. My main role is to screen compound libraries using in vitro culture systems and high content imaging to identify novel anti-filarial drug candidates.

Professional Memberships:

British Society of Parasitology