CRU Publications

Key Publications 

Bates I, Boyd A, Smith H, Cole DC (2014) A practical and systematic approach to organisational capacity strengthening in the health sector in Africa, Health Research Policy and Systems. 

Bates I, Cole D, Boyd A, Aslanyan G (2013) Frameworks for evaluating health research capacity strengthening: a qualitative study, Health Research Policy and Systems. 

Publications by year 

Mapako T, Mafirakureva N, Mutenherwa N, Bvuma G, Mvere DA,  Marowa LM, Emmanuel JC, Bates I (2016) A systematic approach for reviewing research capacity within Zimbabwe’s national blood service, ISBT Science Series. 

Dean L, Njelesani J, Smith H, Bates I (2015) Promoting sustainable research partnerships: a mixed-method evaluation of a UK-Africa capacity strengthening award scheme, Health Research Policy and Systems. 

Dunn A, Ansong D, Mvere D, Ansah J, Owusu-Ofori S, Gomo E, Bates I (2015) T-REC: Strengthening capacity for blood transfusion research in Ghana and Zimbabwe, Africa Sanguine. 

Bates I (2015) Designing and measuring the progress and impact of health research capacity strengthening initiatives  , BMC Proceedings 2015, 9(Suppl 10):S9, biomedcentral. 

Cole DC, Nyirenda LJ, Fazal N, Bates I (2015) Implementing a national health research for development platform in a low income country - a review of Malawi's Health Research Capacity Strengthening Initiative, Health Research Policy and Systems. 

Njelesani J,  Dacombe R, Palmer T,  Smith H, Koudou B (2014) A systematic approach to CS of Lab Systems for control of NTD in Ghana, Malawi and Sri Lanka, PLoS Medicine. 

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Bates I, Cole D, Boyd A, Aslanyan G (2014) Tackling the tensions in evaluating capacity strengthening for health research in low- and middle-income countries, Health Policy and Planning. 

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Bates I, Taegtmeyer M, Squire SB, Ansong D, Nhlema-Simwaka B, Baba A, Theobald S (2011) Indicators of sustainable capacity building for health research: analysis of four African case studies, Health Research Policy and Systems. 

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