Einion Holland

Einion Holland

Einion Holland is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant with an MBA Honours from Manchester University's Business School. He thrives in organisations when overseeing transformation, whether as a manager or in a voluntary capacity.  He has served as a Magistrate and as a Chair of School Governors.  

Articled in private practice in Llandudno, at a time when computers were in their infancy, he managed a computer bureaux providing a weekly payroll and monthly financial reports. He joined the Health Authority in the mid-1980s and became adept at providing complex models to support the financial consequences of strategic change with the centralisation processes moving to general hospitals and the closure of cottage hospitals.  He then moved on to local government in 1988 progressing from liaison between the IT and accountancy department, to taking on the role of the accountant for the North Wales Police Force, and a plethora of other services including the Fire Service and Magistrates Committee, trading standards, planning etc.

In 1992 he was appointed Director of Finance at The Normal College which became independent under the Higher Education reforms of 1991 and in its short life, prospered in financial and cultural terms until its merger with the University of Wales Bangor to 1996. He managed two notable projects at this time including a significant refurbishment of the Hen Goleg a Grade II listed building in Bangor with a substantial Welsh Office grant and the rebuild of the Huw Owen building from insurance funds following a major fire.  The Hen Goleg is an impressive building and was a major achievement. 

Einion then became an Assistant Director of Estates at the University of Wales Bangor for the next six years where he refined the administration and financial processes for the facilities and building development teams. He joined LSTM in April 2001 and has been at the heart of the organisation's transition to its current position. Einion is the Director of Strategic Operations as well as the Company Secretary and Clerk to the Board of Trustees.