Anthony Abbott

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

I am a medical entomologist, originally, I come from an environmental background, with a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Greenwich. I stayed at the University of Greenwich, joining the Natural Resources Institute for my PhD, where I studied the Ecology of the mosquito Culex modestus, a potential bridge vector of West Nile Virus, in the North Kent marshes, UK. 

I am currently working in the McCall Group on the Barrier Bednet project, in collaboration with Vestergaard. In this, we are testing novel bednet designs and using different insecticides in the laboratory. To study these we apply a range of bioassays, including video tracking and cone tests in order to understand how the mosquito interacts with the net.

Selected publications

  • Cull, B.; Vaux, A.G.C.; Medlock, J.M.; Abbott, A.; Gibson, G. Expansion of the range of the West Nile virus vector in Essex. Vet. Rec. 2016,179, 363–364