Deborah Edwards

Programme Manager, CNTD

I completed my undergraduate degree in Latin American Development Studies. During my studies I studied in Mexico and volunteered with a local NGO in Nicaragua. After completing my studies, I worked in a variety of roles in social housing and local government where I became a programme manager, managing a variety of projects with budgets up to 5 million GBP.

I also specialised in community engagement and established a number of engagement structures around various themes including rehousing, community safety, participatory budgeting, gender budgeting and equality and diversity. I am currently studying for my Masters in International Public Health.

In 2011 I joined LSTM as a programme Manager for Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health which as a subsidiary of LSTM dealt with commercial contracts with a variety of stakeholders such as DFID, USAID and EU funding. I managed a diverse portfolio of projects including child and maternal health, human resources for health, impact and evaluation and neglected tropical diseases programmes to name a few. In February 2014 joined the Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNTD) as a Programme Manager, supporting the implementation of in-country lymphatic filariasis (LF) programmes. 

CNTD is a DFID funded programme and supports NTD activities in 12 countries assisting their progress towards successful elimination of LF as a public health problem. This is done through mass drug administration, morbidity management & disability prevention and best practice research. Implementation and technical support CNTD – DFID funding for the elimination of LF as a public health problem As part of the DFID-funded programme for the elimination of LF as a public health problem, I am responsible for the programme management currently of Zambia where I have been responsible for managing scale up to national coverage; I have also supported activities in Ethiopia and Liberia. This is a collaborative process with the national NTD programmes to effectively implement LF Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and Morbidity Management activities in line with WHO guidelines and the Global Programme for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (GPELF) goal of 2020.  I am active in fundraising for the group and assist with applications for additional funding. In addition, I manage contracts for our involvement with the Schistosomiasis Control Progamme, which we are contracted to do via the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Imperial College London and with Sightsavers Zambia.