Dr Abiola Aiyenigba

Research Assistant DELTAS-LRP

Abiola completed her first degree in Medicine from Nigeria and went on to obtain a post graduate diploma in Public health research from the University of Edinburgh. She also acquired an MSc in International Public Health from Liverpool John Moores University. She recently completed her PhD in Women’s health from the University of Liverpool in 2019.

Abiola is experienced using mixed methods approaches for research development and implementation. She also has interests in using research evidence for development and evaluation of health interventions, particularly in LMIC settings. Abiola developed of an CBT based counselling intervention for the management of psychological morbidities associated with infertility within African populations, called Fertility Life Counselling Aid (FELICIA). The development of FELICIA was based on WHO’s Thinking Healthy Programme (THP), using the MRC framework for the development and evaluation of complex health interventions.