Dr Anu Garrib

Senior Research Associate

I have trained in public health medicine in South Africa, and am a member of the Faculty of Public Health in the UK.

I have worked at a demographic surveillance site in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa as part of my training. Here I managed a verbal autopsy project as well as worked on the development of a IT intervention to support the delivery of primary care and use of information for management.

In the UK I have worked with NICE on clinical guideline development and in an NHS/Local Authority public health department. My role was to provide public health support to commissioning and to work on services for adults and older people.

Current research

The delivery of integrated care for patients with HIV and non-communicable diseases. As the HIV-infected population ages, the prevalence of hypertension, diabetes and obesity among these patients will increase. Integrating management of these chronic conditions is important not only for the improved clinical care of patients but to lessen the burden on the health system. We are investigating methods of preventing the development of NCDs in the HIV-infected as well as strategies to improve the management of these conditions.

Memebrships and affiliations  

Member of the Faculty of Public Health (UK)
Fellow of the College of Public Health Medicine (South Africa)
General Medical Council (UK)