Dr Gamal Mohamed

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Areas of interest

Biostatistics, epidemiology, teaching


I have obtained my Ph.D. from University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (U.K.) in 1993 and a Master degree in Medical statistics from the University of London (UK) in 1989. Before joining the University of Liverpool, I worked as a Research Associate, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, U.K. and as a Research Scientist in the Research Centre of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I have gained wide-ranging experience in quantitative research management and technical skills encompassing health intervention programmes, clinical trials, community survey design and analysis and programme monitoring and evaluation.  I have extensive experience in statistical computing with SAS, SPSS, and Epi Info.


Over the years I have developed extensive experience in teaching and in all aspects of curriculum development, course delivery, setting examinations, assignment and dissertation supervisor, correction and assessment of epidemiology and biostatistics courses.   Provided training in conducting clinical research for physicians and scientists in Copenhagen, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Yemen and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  Most of these traing course were sponserd y the Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Curriculum development

I have designed and  initiated the implementation of the Masters course in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics running now in Saudi Arabia at the college of public health and health informatics, King Abdelaziz University for health sciences, Riyadh.


As a module convener for several courses and director of studies for the MSc in epidemiology, I have played a significant role in training and coaching local assistant module convener in teaching and running all modules I have been involved in.

Supervision and statistical support

I have wide-ranging experience in epidemiology and in statistical consultancies by advising clinicians and researchers on various statistical issues relating to their projects.

During my time at LSTM  I have given methodological support to all master students in our programme running in Syria and Saudi Arabia. I have specifically given advises on study design, selection and use of research methods, data analysis and presentation of results.  All of the students, 12 from  Saudi Arabia and  7 Students Syria have successfuuly completed their thesis.

Selected publications

  • Selected publications

    Abu-Amero KK, Hauser MA, Mohamed G, Liu Y, Gibson J, Gonzalez AM, Akafo S, Allingham RR. Mitochondrial genetic background in Ghanaian patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (2012). Mol Vis. 18:1955-9. Epub 2012 Jul 18.

    Iman Al-Saleh a, Inaam Al-Doush, Ammar Alsabbaheen, Gamal El Din Mohamed, Abdullah Rabbah (2012). Levels of DDT and its metabolites in placenta, maternal and cord blood and their potential influence on neonatal anthropometric measures. Science of the Total Environment, 416: 62–74.

    Kandasamy Ravichandran, Gamal Mohamed, Nasser Abdulrahman Al-Hamdan (2010). Public Knowledge on Cancer and its Determinants among Saudis in the Riyadh Region of Saudi Arabia. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 11, 1175-1180.

    Al-Saleh I, Coskun S, El-Doush I, Billedo G, Mashhour A, Jaroudi K, Al-Shahrani A, Al-Mayman H, Mohamed G.(2009). Outcome of in-vitro fertilization treatment and DDT levels in serum and follicular fluid. Med Sci Monit15(11): 20-33.

    Iqniebi A, Gaafar A, Sheereen A, Al-Suliman A, Mohamed G, Al-Hussein K, Tabbara KF. (2009). HLA-DRB1 among patients with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease in Saudi Arabia. Mol Vis. 12 (15):1876-80.