Dr Ghaith Aljayyoussi

MRC Fellow

Ghaith Aljayyoussi is currently MRC fellow and is leading a project that aims at investigating the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationships of anti-malarial combinations to form predictions about optimal clinical treatments. Additionally, Ghaith leads activities that would determine safe and efficacious clinical dosing regimens in clinical studies in the fields of tuberculosis and neglected tropical disease. 

Ghaith is pharmacist by trade and has earned his Ph.D. in 2013 from Cardiff University in Wales where he studied the use of cannabinoid-based drugs for the treatment of irritable bowel disease whilst minimising their “adverse” psychoactive effects.

Ghaith has a keen interest in the philosophy of science and the relationship between art, literature, religion, and science.

Selected publications

  • O’Neil, et al. A tetraoxane-based antimalarial drug candidate that overcomes PfKelch 13-dependent artemisinin resistance. Accepted for Publication, Nature Communications

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