Dr Tao Chen

Medical Statistician

Dr. Tao Chen joined the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in October 2016.
Prior to his role at LSTM, he was a research associate in medical statistics at King’s College London for almost 1.5 years and a lecturer in epidemiology and biostatistics at Nanjing Medical University for 3 years. 

His research includes statistical issues in design, analysis and reporting in clinical trials for medical and public health problems. He also researches on epidemiology, especially in cardiometabolic disease epidemiology and meta-analysis. Another area of his interest is on the trial based & model-based economic evaluation. 


Selected publications

  • Tao Chen, Xiaofang Chu, Yongkai Zhu, Yiting Lan, Hailong Zhao, Huifeng Zhu, Chong Shen. The predicted basal metabolic rate is correlated with blood pressure among young population. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine 2016; 9(6):12375-12383. (Co-first author)

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    Xiaodan Yuan, Fengmei, Wang Anne, Folta Fish, Cunyi Xue, Tao Chen, Chao Liu, Qingqing Lou. Effect of case management on glycemic control and behavioral outcomes for chinese people with type 2 diabetes: A 2-year study. Patient Education and Counseling 2016; 99(8):1382-1388.

    Dahai Yu, Tao Chen, Rui Qin, Yamei Cai , Zhixing Jiang, Zhanzheng Zhao, David Simmons. Association between lung capacity and abnormal glucose metabolism: Findings from China and Australia. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf) 2016;85(1):37-45. (Co-first author)

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    Rui Qin, Tao Chen, Qingqing Lou, Dahai Yu. Excess Risk of Mortality and Cardiovascular Events Associated With Smoking Among Patients With Diabetes: Meta-Analysis of Observational Prospective Studies. International Journal of Cardiology2013;167(2):342-350.(Co-first author)

    Qian-wen Lv, Tao Chen, Wen Zhang, Qun Shi, Wen-jie Zheng, Peter E Lipsky, Xuan Zhang. TwHF versus methotrexate in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: response to Landewe's comment on the TRIFRA study. Ann Rheum Dis 2014;73(10):e63. 

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