Infection Innovation Consortium


This year has highlighted the importance of working together to prevent infectious diseases and the critical role of translational academic-industry partnerships in driving innovation in this area.

The challenges of infectious disease interventions range from the COVID-19 pandemic to the global threat posed by a lack of new antibiotics, as well as the devastating impact of multidrug resistant infections impacting low and middle income countries. iiCON’s collaborative effort is to develop new products that can directly reduce the burden of infectious diseases in the UK and around the world.

iiCON brings together the North West’s largest concentration of infectious diseases research in the UK in a new £120M programme. It capitalises on the region’s track record in working on active translational programmes in vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics and antiviral formulations. Our two new programmes of work will mark the start of an exciting translational pipeline of novel therapeutics and interventions to significantly impact human health.

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