In addition to the LF implementation activities, LSTM works with the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative as part of ICOSA (Integrated Control Of Schistosomiasis in Africa) which focuses on the distribution of praziquantel, the donated drug for schistosomiasis control and albendazole for control of soil transmitted helminthiasis in three countries: Liberia, Mozambique and Zambia.

LSTM is also heavily involved in seminal work optimising the performance of praziquantel in treatment of children with intestinal schistosomiasis. Blood samples taken from Ugandan children have been analysed with liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LCMS) determining the profiles of both drug enantiomers. A detailed population pharmacokinetic analysis has been shown that current dosing (40mg/kg) needs to be raised to ensure better anti-parasitic performance. In so doing, this builds a stronger evidence-base for more rational use of praziquantel in young children.