Dr Andrea Collins

Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Respiratory Infection

Areas of interest

Pneumococcal infection and colonisation, lower respiratory tract infection and research bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage.


Andrea graduated in medicine (MBChB with honours) from Bristol University in 2002. She started her postgraduate training in general medicine in Exeter, Devon. After completing her MRCP she moved to Manchester where she was an anaesthetic and intensive care trainee before commencing an ST3 post in respiratory medicine in the Mersey deanery in 2007. 

Andrea joined the Respiratory Infection Group in March 2011 as a Clinical Research Fellow in Respiratory Infection, funded by the National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre (Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust - RLBUHT). Her PhD is based at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and is entitled: Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Adults; carriage, therapeutics and prevention, under the supervision of Prof Stephen Gordon.

Her clinical interests also include bronchiectasis, tuberculosis and interstitial lung disease. She has travelled to India to gain further TB experience within a developing country with Professor Peter Davies, having been awarded a British Thoracic Society (BTS) Travel sponsorship award. She was the chair of the BTS Specialist Trainee Advisory Group (STAG) 2011-2014. She is the co-chair of the Royal Respiratory Research Group (RRR), which aims to nurture links between the school and RLBUHT. Her research involves both patients and healthy volunteers.


  • LSTM MSc in microbiology
  • ALS instructor
  • Honorary Clinical Tutor University of Liverpool

Current Projects

  • HOME FIRST (Home Followed up with the Infection Respiratory Support Team) – an early supported discharge scheme for patients with LRTI

    Closed to recruitment.

  • Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine and Experimental Human Pneumococcal Carriage study (PCV EHPC)

    New vaccines are urgently needed to protect the vulnerable from bacterial pneumonia. Most new vaccines that come to market have been tested in large clinical trials on tens of thousands of patients with the outcome of reduction in disease; this is a lengthy process that requires a large sample size so is both slow and costly. This study used a novel human pneumococcal challenge model to demonstrate that a) PCV reduced carriage frequency and density b) an experimental challenge model can be used to test vaccines at a fraction of the cost and effort of clinical trials.


  • Selected Publications

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    Book Chapter

    Collins A, Davies PDO. Travellers’ Health – book chapter on ‘TB for Travellers’ – Oxford University Press. Printing in progress 2011.