Dr Corrado Minetti

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Corrado graduated in Biology (BSc) and Animal Biodiversity and Conservation (MSc) from the University of Turin in Italy and MSc in Biology and Control of Parasites and Disease Vectors from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, before completing his PhD on Giardia epidemiology and molecular epidemiology at the University of Liverpool. Corrado recently joined LSTM as a Post Doctoral Research Assistant in the Department of Vector Biology, working on lymphatic filariasis as part of the COUNTDOWN research consortium.

Corrado's research involves the use of both epidemiological and molecular genetic data to better understand parasite transmission and the interactions between parasites, hosts and vectors. This integrated approach is pivotal in assessing whether and how parasites and vectors are responding to control interventions such as mass drug administration (MDA) and vector control, and which consequences these changes may have on the efficacy of our disease elimination efforts. The current project, part of the COUNTDOWN research consortium, aims to better understand the epidemiological, parasitological and entomological determinants for the transmission of lymphatic filariasis in areas under MDA in Ghana.

Corrado also has an interest in the development of cost-effective molecular diagnostic tools and in the genetic and physiological factors influencing parasite-vector interactions. 


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