Edward Thomsen

Vector Biologist and Programme Manager

Eddie Thomsen completed his BSc in Ecology, Behaviour, and Evolution from the University of California San Diego and received a MSc in Entomology at the University of California Davis in 2008. He moved to Papua New Guinea in 2009 to study the transmission dynamics and treatment of lymphatic filariasis (LF) and malaria. While in PNG, Eddie investigated the impact of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets on mosquito bionomics and LF transmission. He also led clinical trials to study the efficacy of new drug regimens to treat LF.

Since moving to Liverpool in 2013, he has managed several projects aiming to support vector control programmes in decision-making, including research on insecticide resistance, evaluating the use of information technology to support control programs, and capacity strengthening initiatives. Eddie is part of the Engaging Tools for Communication in Health (ETCH) team at LSTM.  ETCH design and evaluate the impact of digital gaming to communicate best practices for vector control and insecticide resistance management. He is also involved in the implementation and evaluation of the Disease Data Management System (DDMS) to support decision-making within vector control programmes. In particular, he has focussed on how the tool can be used to support policy-change through better use of data.

At LSTM, Eddie has contributed as a lecturer for TROP 939: Human Parasitology and Vector Biology, BIOL 481: Vector Biology: Theory, Research, and Implementation, and the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.



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