Dr Jo Gamble

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Areas of Interest

Parasitology, infectious diseases, neurobiology


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool.  I also worked as a technician in the HIV research labs during the summer breaks. Following this, I completed the MRes degree at the University’s Veterinary School, where my research investigated animal models of neuropathic pain.  My PhD was also completed at the University of Liverpool, where I looked at the neurobiology of feeding and obesity in animal models. During my PhD, I worked as a senior demonstrator for practical physiology. Before undertaking my first postdoc position at LSTM, I worked as a medical writer in the private sector, producing high quality written work, including manuscripts, conference material, newsletters and literature search reports.

I am currently working on novel antibacterial therapies to combat lymphatic filarial worm infections using animal models of infection.  I am involved in the A-WOL and GHIT screening programs, which target the symbiont, Wolbachia, within the filarial worms.  The techniques I use are primarily in vivo, although more molecular and cellular techniques are involved, including DNA extraction and qPCR.

I am a member of the British Society for Parasitology (BSP) and have held a Home Office personal licence since 2008 (modules 1-4).