Public engagement

To inform, inspire and involve

Public engagement describes the many ways in which the activity and benefits of higher education and research can be shared with the public. This engagement is a two-way process, involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit.

LSTM is committed to engaging the public about its world-class research, both nationally and internationally, to promote awareness of global health issues and enhance the significance and impact of LSTM’s research with target audiences and to inspire the next generation of scientists.  Internationally we aim to approach public engagement in a delicate manner to foster trust, build capacity, and empower communities with LSTM’s latest research developments and interventions. Furthermore, we aim to listen and discuss the challenges faced by communities within resource-poor settings to direct and drive our research.

Public engagement brings many benefits to LSTM, to its staff and students, and to the public. It provides us with an accountability and transparency to our research, and allows us to be relevant and responsive to the needs of the public generating trust within the communities we work with. 

If you are interested in working with LSTM, please contact Public Engagement Manager

LSTM’s public engagement strategy aims to support and enhance its current vision and mission. To read LSTM’s public engagement strategy, please visit here.


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