Dr Lisa Reimer


I received my PhD in Entomology (designated emphasis in Biology of Vector-Borne Diseases) from the University of California, Davis in 2008. I then joined Case Western Reserve University, Center for Global Health and Diseases, as a post-doctoral research associate (2009-2011) and then as a senior lecturer (2011-2013). During these four years I held a joint appointment as the head of Entomology at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research. I joined LSTM department of Vector Biology in February 2013, with a secondary appointment in the department of Parasitology.


Various modules for undergraduate and post-graduate courses including mosquito biology, arbovirus transmission and filariasis.


My research involves a combination of field and laboratory studies to evaluate the entomological aspects of malaria and filariasis transmission. I am currently conducting research on anopheline host preferences, endophagy, and biting and resting behaviours in the context of vector control interventions. I evaluate the impact of vector control programmes on vector densities, composition and distribution and the resulting effects on disease transmission. I am currently conducting experimental work to determine vector competence to malaria and filariasis and the impact of vector control (and/or mass drug administration) on parasite uptake, development and transmission.



  • Selected Publications

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