Ahmad Alcheikh

Headshot of Ahmad Alcheikh

Ahmad Alcheikh is a clinical and laboratory haematologist, currently dedicating himself to researching the genetics of leukaemia. He works full-time on his research and part-time in clinical haematology, and is proud to be part of a team with expertise in this field.

Ahmad's journey to this field started with stories of development work in resource-poor settings, which sparked his interest and passion for exploration and learning. He found a project in laboratory development to improve quality and build capacity and applied to LSTM based on his research and positive reviews.

Ahmad's time at LSTM was a highlight of his academic journey. He was part of the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTMH) course, where he met people from diverse backgrounds and aspirations. Liverpool was a great city to study in, and the course prepared him well for work in the field.

After leaving LSTM, Ahmad went from working in laboratory development in rural sub-Saharan Africa to tertiary haematology and molecular genetics of leukaemia. His time in Africa taught him that there was more to improving people's lives than just treating malaria and cancer, and he has continued to engage in social projects in some capacity through his career.

Ahmad's fondest memory from his time in Liverpool is the people he met and the stories he heard throughout the course. The lecturers had incredible stories, and the course brought science to life through the experiences of people.

His advice to current and prospective students is to focus on the practical issues of working in resource-poor settings, choose a project they are passionate about, and follow opportunities when they arise.

Ahmad believes that studying at LSTM is more than just learning facts about tropical medicine; it broadens one's perspective and helps understand the broader issues facing people in resource-poor settings, making the work more helpful and rewarding

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