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Join us in the search for new antibiotics.

Swab & Send

The identification of new antibiotics is of vital importance as the rise of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria continues.

Most of the antibiotics we use today come from bacteria and fungi that inhabit the soil. The next antibiotic might come from microbes that live in the back of your cupboard, your bin or on the change in your pocket or you mobile phone.

When you pledge to buy swabs you will be joining the hunt for the next antibiotic. We will send you swabs for you to swab an area you think might be home to some interesting microbes. Return the swabs to us and we will determine if there are any bacteria present and if they are making any antibiotics.

Help us spread the word. Please like and share the Facebook page and talk about antimicrobial resistance and antibiotics to your family and friends. We all have the opportunity to make a difference with this project.

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