Malaria Capacity Development Consortium (MCDC)

The programme is developing capacity in African universities that will not only lead to improvements in the malaria control measures available in Africa, but also stimulate research into the development of new ways to control the disease.

To fulfil our aims of improving malaria research capacity in Africa, we have focused efforts in five key areas: 

  •  A  PhD programme for African scientists registered at one of five African Universities, undertaking research within Africa.
  • Institutional support to our five African partner institutions to help them better support the training of malaria researchers, and of researchers more widely.
  • Support to postdoctoral fellows trained under the Gates Malaria Partnership (GMP) through our MCDC Investigator programme.
  • A Personal Development Planning (PDP) programme to support all MCDC students and any MCDC investigators wishing to be a part of the scheme
  • A Mentorship programme to provide continued research career development support for MCDC investigators.