Increasing Availability of Integrated ANC and PNC

  • A competency-based training package in essential components of antenatal and postnatal care (ANC and PNC) will enable healthcare providers to identify and manage the health needs of mothers and babies during and after pregnancy with integration of care across three main diseases: HIV, TB and malaria. Comprising concepts of respectful maternity care and a holistic approach, this package supports capacity building of core clinical competencies of healthcare providers as well as broader aspects of quality of care. This is partnered with mentoring to ensure more lasting effects of capacity-building on individual healthcare providers and to support behaviour change to instil improved culture on care provision in facilities.
  • The ANC and PNC face to face training package will be adapted to an innovative blended learning training approach (video below) to continuing professional development for health care professionals involved in the provision of ANC and PNC in Low-income countries. This exciting approach to training using blended learning combines online study with face-to-face training. A feasibility study of this package in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania was completed in December 2022. More information on the blended learning training can be found here
  • Facility improvement fund equipment (FIFE) will be distributed to the focus healthcare facilities to ensure that they have the essential equipment and supplies to provide quality ANC and PNC. Data generated on continued resource gaps will be fed back into the standard systems to support responses on persistent gaps which affect service provision.

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