Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit

Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit


The Emergency Obstetric & Quality of Care Unit (EmOC&QoC) combines research with capacity strengthening to improve availability and quality of maternal and newborn care and to reduce maternal mortality.

Professor Charles Ameh leads the EmOC&QoC Unit

Professor Charles Ameh, Head of Department for International Public Health, leads our EmOC&QoC Unit. We are a multi-national, multi-disciplinary team with broad expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating interventions, adapting these to country- and context-specific settings and working in genuine partnership with governments, academic institutions, and donors .

He is co-Director of the World Health Organisation Centre for Research in Maternal and Newborn Health, alongside Professor Dame Tina Lavender.

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We collaborate with partners across the UK and internationally to ensure our research is high-quality and directly applicable to global health priorities.

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Dissemination and communication of research is an integral part of our research project to help increasing the visibility of research outputs, public engagement in science and innovation, and build confidence of society in research. Below repository covers dissemination of research findings, methods and approaches employed to improved maternal and newborn health outcomes.


Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit
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