Bluedot festival

Bluedot festival is an award-winning festival of discovery at the grounds of Jodrell Bank, a deep space observatory, in Cheshire.  

The Bluedot festival combines music, art and science with expert talks, demonstrations and debates. The mission of Bluedot is to inspire, entertain and to celebrate cutting-edge science.  Vector Biology’s, Mark Paine spoke at the Bluedot festival with a talk entitled ‘Malaria; of Man and Mosquito’ which focused on the reasons why mosquitos are the most dangerous animals on Earth.

“The audience participation and general atmosphere was amazing.  I've never had so many questions thrown at me.  As a scientist that was extremely motivating and inspires more engagement with the public.”   

Mark Paine, Vector Biology

His talk was about how mosquitoes infect millions of people throughout the world with lethal diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Zika virus.