Dr Luret Lar

MSc International Public Health, 2019.

Nigerian medical doctor, specialization Public Health, Research Manager COUNTDOWN research project (NTDs), led by LSTM, implemented in Nigeria by Sightsavers. I do financial, logistics, ethical approval management, write proposals, toolkits, train researchers, collect, analyse/write up research findings, collaborate, network with stakeholders in community, district, national, sub national, federal levels.

Tell us about your time at LSTM

Working on the research project and my interest in public health and further need for knowledge and skill development led me to Liverpool. I wanted to learn current and best practices in research methods, best international ethical practices and writing skills. I really wanted to be the go to person in qualitative research in my work here in Nigeria and to strengthen the capacities of younger researchers. The wonderful colleagues that I work with on the project also recommended this and supported me on getting my Masters in international public health.

Most of what I had known about the principles and practices of public health were taught in much simpler ways and out of the experience of the excellent lecturers. I loved the practical sessions, especially during qualitative research lectures. Hanging out with friends and colleagues in Liverpool and beyond, especially at weekends will be remembered for a lifetime. Exploring new meals, such as jacket potato and meeting and networking with friends and classmates all over the globe is really a rare lifetime experience. Thank you, LSTM!!!!!.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving LSTM 

I have continued to work on the COUNTDOWN project as the research manager and I have seen all the knowledge and skill acquired at LSTM being utilised. I am usually called upon at Sightsavers to lead and train on various qualitative research projects, or provide technical support. I have become more confident with using NVivo software to analyse data and my PowerPoint slide decks have greatly improved. I am usually commended about them and asked to assist with developing slide decks. My presentation skills have greatly improved, and I have been commended on keeping virtual audiences awake at presentations, especially now that the “new normal” has made us go virtual.

I am still learning how to become a more concise and succinct writer and I have gone through back and forth with finalising my masters manuscript, but with each reviewed draft, I am getting better. All this would not have been possible without my experience at LSTM.

What three words would you use to describe LSTM? 

  • Quality 
  • Rigour
  • Excellence

What advice would you give to our current/prospective students? 

In the beginning, it may seem rough and tough, but hang on there! You will be the best soon.