Experiences of a registered midwife and nurse who participated in the ANC/PNC Training, Kaduna State, Nigeria, October 2021

I am a registered midwife and nurse. My motivation to become a healthcare provider came after my mother died out of negligence from healthcare providers when she was diagnosed with hypertension. 

When I started working, the first impression I got working as a healthcare provider was that quality healthcare can’t be achieved within the limited resources available, it has to do with the determination and commitment of the provider.

I am working in a facility that has multiple units: antenatal units, labour room, post-natal unit, family planning unit, laboratory and general wards. Only a few staff are posted to the facility, and I am in charge of the maternity section. Before the ANC/PNC training, students that were sent to the hospital for experience did not observe the aspect of respectful maternity care, kangaroo mother care, using a chaperone during an examination, screening for HIV, TB, Malaria, Syphilis etc.

In my opinion prior to the training the issue of screening clients and observing respectful maternity care needed to be addressed. The ANC/PNC training has had an impact on the healthcare facility that I work in, the approach used now on the respectful maternity care, clients are having more confidence to come to the hospital to interact with students. 

This has therefore increased clients’ satisfaction and knowledge through student-client interaction. The ANC/PNC training has improved my knowledge and skill especially on the kangaroo mother care, ways for screening for postnatal depression, which was neglected before, and the importance of screening for HIV, TB, Malaria and Syphilis during pregnancy.

I was surprised that as soon as I came back to the office, eager to do a run down, my colleagues were more interested and ready to also learn something new. The students are also implementing what they have learnt. The training improved my relationship with colleagues as they were eager to learn, and they were also asking questions when needed. The training had a great impact on the student and client relationship as clients are now ready to learn from them and listen to what they have to offer, especially with the use of respectful maternity care.

I appreciate LSTM for organizing such a workshop, full of knowledge and for the opportunity to be part of a dynamic change in the health system. I will appreciate it if more opportunities will be granted to me.