Integrating HIV, diabetes and hypertension services in Africa: a cluster-randomised trial in Tanzania and Uganda

Photo Credit: Inte-Africa. Specialized diabetes health center in Uganda.


The burden of diabetes and hypertension has risen sharply in sub Saharan Africa and these conditions now account for about 2 million premature deaths on the continent. Yet, the proportion of people with these conditions receiving regular care remains very low. At present, health services are fragmented for chronic conditions, provided by different clinics, and patchy for diabetes and hypertension. By bringing them together (in integrated primary care clinics), it might be more cost-effective for health services and patients.

LSTM is a member of the INTE-AFRICA Consortium, a European Commission funded project that brings together six European and three sub-Saharan African partners to test the efficacy of integrating HIV, diabetes and hypertension services in a range of health facilities in Uganda and Tanzania. The overall aim of the EU-funded INTE-AFRICA project is to improve the health outcomes for people living with diabetes or hypertension without compromising the excellent health outcomes achieved by health services for people living with HIV.

The project is working closely with policy makers and other stakeholders to facilitate scale-up by providing evidence, tools, and training.

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