Call for nominations

LSTM is governed by a Board of Trustees and run by the Director and Management Team. The job of the Trustees is to develop, with management, the strategy of the organisation. 

Fourteen members of LSTM currently make up the Board of Trustees, serving a fixed term of office.

Trustees must be able to demonstrate strategic vision; good judgement; an ability to think creatively and to work effectively as a member of a team. They must understand and accept the legal duties and responsibilities of Trusteeship and be willing to be available to all staff for advice and enquiries. They must be able to speak their mind whilst respecting the views of others and be willing to devote the necessary time and effort to the role.

All Trustees should be able to demonstrate basic qualities of commitment and integrity; the Chair would benefit from having additional skills including leadership, communications skills and previous committee experience.

If you are interested and able to demonstrate these qualities and a commitment to LSTM and its values, please apply to:

Mr RE Holland 
Secretary to the Board of Trustees 
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 
Pembroke Place 
Liverpool L3 5QA