Quality Improvement of Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services in ANC & PNC

A programme funded by the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB, and Malaria with financing from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Quality Improvement of Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services in ANC & PNC


The Takeda Initiative is a 15-year financial aid programme designed to develop and strengthen the capacity of healthcare workers in partnership with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Launched in 2010, the first phase of the initiative boosted malaria prevention in Tanzania with the distribution of mosquito nets, accelerated access to TB treatment in Kenya, and expanded HIV services and awareness in Nigeria.

Starting 2020 and with LSTM as implementation partner, the second phase of the Takeda initiative focuses on improving maternal and child health by integrating quality HIV, TB, and malaria services in antenatal and postnatal care (ANC and PNC) in Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Scope of Work

In line with the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 to invest in building sustainable and resilient systems for health (or “RSSH”), and working closely with the relevant Ministries of Health (MoH) and country partners, this 5-year programme (2020 – 2024) will adapt, implement, document and disseminates innovative approaches to improving the screening, testing and treatment of HIV, TB and malaria in ANC and PNC and improve integrated service delivery at facility and community levels.

The programme aligns to existing health systems, increasing capacity-building across all levels and providing support via interventions and technical assistance, as well as generating evidence to inform decision-making and policymaking. Building on the foundations from completed programmes in Afghanistan, Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Tanzania, the programme incorporates the lessons learned and experiences to improve and further develop this programme.


Impressions and Feedback

A selection of voices from stakeholders benefitting from the programme.

Key Programme Outputs to Date

The programme is currently in year 5 of a 5-year programme. The below diagram shows achievement to date in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.  


Quality Improvement of Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services in ANC & PNC Programme

To ensure the interventions are sustainable beyond the life of the programme the programme operates in partnership with MoH to deliver, institutionalize and integrate the health worker capacity strengthening tools and materials and increased capacity of master trainers and mentors within the systems for ANC and PNC, quality of care and mentorship.

Any lessons learnt regarding the approach, contents and practicalities of the programme implementation are shared with MoH for guiding framework adaptation and review in regard to MNH and health systems strengthening.

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Dissemination and communication of programme research findings and activities is an integral part of the project to increase the visibility of our research outputs. It also ensures that research has an impact on policy change for improved maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Programme News