Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit at LSTM hosts its first annual international Knowledge Management and Learning (KML) event

Blog 9 Nov 2022
Knowledge Management and Learning Event 2022 - Seminar

A significant number of maternal deaths occur around the time of birth or shortly after childbirth highlighting the need to focus on the quality of care offered to pregnant women and infants whilst at health facilities. The World Health Organization has identified quality of care for women and children as a priority in addressing preventable maternal and child mortality. The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in partnership with the Takeda Initiative and Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is currently implementing a programme on improving quality of care for mothers and babies in Africa. The programme, which is in its second phase of implementation, focusses on strengthening the capacity of maternity care providers in the provision of quality integrated HIV, TB, and Malaria services in Africa.

The Emergency Obstetric & Quality of Care Unit (EmOC&QoC) at LSTM hosted  the first annual international Knowledge Management and Learning (KML) event on the Quality Improvement of Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services in ANC and PNC programme, in Liverpool from 12th -14th September 2022. The KML event brought together researchers from the 5 implementing countries (Chad, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania & Togo), representatives from Ministry of Health (MoH), research partners, the Global Fund and LSTM UK. 

The three-day event was an opportunity to:

Group work on future programme to maximise impact

It was a unique occasion to connect with each other in person and virtually to share experiences, ideas and draw on lessons learnt from in-country implementation programmes and research collaborations. Dissemination of research findings and programme experiences facilitates uptake of evidence-based decision making by stakeholders and enhances staff motivation.

At the end of the three days, participants left with a renewed passion and determination to apply the lessons learnt from the KML event to improve quality of care in antenatal and postnatal care services in the implementation countries. We look forward to coming together again in twelve months’ time to reflect on our work during the 2nd Knowledge Management and Learning event in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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Photobook - Impressions of the Knowedge Management and Learning Event, Liverpool, September 2022

 Group photo in front of Liver Building, Liverpool