Felicia Ohl

Programme Coordinator

Felicia has joined LSTM in November 2018 and is employed as Programme Coordinator in the Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit, Department of International Public Health.  She is involved in the day-to-day operations of the unit’s implementation research programmes in Kenya, Nigeria and mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. Focus is on coordinating procurement and shipment of medical training equipment, providing logistical support to team members and overseas partners and visitors, and undertaking financial administration.

Felicia also leads on the Unit’s production of communication outputs with stakeholder/donor communication and knowledge exchange becoming increasingly important. This includes developing and monitoring the annual communication plan as well as supporting the creation of text and visual content by working closely with the team and overseas partners. She also develops and designs digital and print promotional material and maintains the Unit’s social media channels and website.

Felicia has extensive experience of working in the higher education sector with a strong background in research administration and communication. Before joining LSTM, she was working as communication officer for the Cluster of Excellence “PRISMA” at Mainz University in Germany.