Research Studies - Overview

Research studies related to the programme "Quality Improvement of Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services in ANC and PNC".

Country/Countries Name of Study Status
Togo, Afghanistan, Ghana, Chad, Tanzania  Where is the 'C' in ANC and PNC: a multi-country survey of availability of Antenatal and Postnatal Care. Published
Chad Development of a Risk Scoring System for Maternal and Child Health in Chad Submitted 
Niger Cross sectional survey of Maternal and Newborn Quality of Care in Niger: Implications and Recommendations Submitted: Undergone first round of peer review
Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania  Effectiveness of Sexual and Reproductive Health Blended Learning Approaches for Capacity Strengthening of Healthcare Practitioners in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review. Title registered; Protocol submitted
Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania  A blended learning approach for health professionals to improve the quality of integrated HIV, TB, and Malaria services during antenatal and postnatal care in LMICs: A feasibility study Submitted: Undergoing peer review
All countries National continuous professional development processes and systems for midwifery educators in low-and-middle-income-countries: a systematic review submitted
Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania Readiness of health facilities to deliver integrated TB, HIV and Malaria services in ANC and PNC Advanced Draft
Togo Standards-based Audit and ANC-PNC training to improve Quality of Care – a crossed stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial in Togo  Advanced draft
Chad Randomised stepped wedge trial to assess the effectiveness of healthcare provider training on the availability and quality of Antenatal (ANC) and Postnatal Care (PNC) in Chad in draft
Togo Baseline assessment on antenatal and postnatal care services, with focus on HIV, TB and Malaria in selected healthcare facilities in Togo in draft
Togo Crossed randomised stepped wedge trial to assess the effectiveness of standards-based audit and healthcare provider training on the availability and quality of Antenatal (ANC) and Postnatal Care (PNC) in Togo in draft
Niger Assessing the Quality of Care across the continuum of maternal, newborn and childcare and the way forward: Findings from a national survey in Niger In draft 
Kenya  Economic assessment of a capacity-building intervention to improve the quality of integrated HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria services within antenatal and postnatal care in Kenya Reports written. Manuscripts in draft
 All countries PhD 1: What are the essential components of Antenatal Care? A systematic review of the literature and development of signal functions to guide monitoring and evaluation. Draft
Togo PhD 1: Understanding women’s experiences of respectful maternity care during antenatal and postnatal care in Lomé, Togo. A cross sectional descriptive study Planned
Togo Change in knowledge and skills after antenatal and postnatal training in Togo.  Planned
Togo PhD 1: What are the enablers and barriers for healthcare providers providing integrated ANC and PNC including HIV, TB and malaria care in Togo? Planned
Togo PhD 1: COVID-19: How has the global pandemic impacted maternity care provision in Lomé Togo? A qualitive study Planned
Tanzania PhD 2: Effective coverage of ANC/PNC in Tanzania: Situational analysis and evaluation of specific package of intervention Planned
Tanzania PhD 3: Improving Reproductive Health Inservice Capacity strengthening programmes: A comparison of 2 training approaches. Planned
Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania PhD 4: Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Global Fund-Supported Health Facilities: Screening Challenges and Women's Perspectives in Kenya and Tanzania Planned