Clinical services at LSTM

Clinical Services

LSTM is internationally renowned for delivering excellent healthcare services globally, regionally, and nationally. We have a strong core of clinicians and skilled professionals who for decades have provided – and continue to provide - high-quality clinical services with the support of our multidisciplinary research teams.

Specialist pre and post travel services are provided at LSTM and the Well Travelled Clinics by a team of specialist nurses and clinicians, and highly skilled staff of the Clinical Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory.

The team of clinicians work across LSTM and the Tropical Infectious Disease Unit (TIDU) of the Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (LUHFT). They provide advice via NHS clinics at LSTM, TIDU clinics and wards, and phone advisory service Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, out of hours advice is provided by the Infectious Diseases team at LUHFT. Clinicians have active research and teaching roles alongside clinical duties and are involved with many National and International policy and practice bodies within the specialism of Tropical medicine.

Participate in our clinical trials

Every medical advance starts with a clinical trial.This is important to confirm whether a new drug or treatment is safe and effective in people. 

Research at LSTM is working towards developing new vaccinations in the prevention of pneumonia and without volunteers, progress in our research would be impossible. 

All the information you need to join one of our clinical trials