Brief History of LSTM’s Constitution

Constitution and organisation

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was founded in 1898 and incorporated on 30 January 1905 as the Incorporated Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

It was registered as a charity on 11 October 1963 and is a company limited by guarantee, holding no share capital and governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Incorporated Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine was officially changed to The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) on 30 November 1992.

On 19th July 2013 LSTM was designated a Higher Education Institute (HEI).

Memorandum of association

LSTM’s memorandum and articles of association were amended by special resolutions on 10 December 2004, 10 January 2007 and 19th December 2013 listing the main objectives as:

To engage in, promote and encourage research, study and instruction in connection with the origin, character, alleviation, prevention and cure of every or any type of tropical disease which now is or may hereafter become known in any part of the world where such disease either manifests itself or has effects; and to advance and encourage learning and the practice of all sciences and arts allied with or which may be usefully studied in connection with the matters aforesaid, and to collect and circulate information with regard to such diseases, sciences and arts.