Lifebuoy bar soap hand wash study (RCT)

Testing if hand washing can reduce bacteria spread from hands to nose

We are trying to understand more about a type of bacteria called Pneumococcus. These bacteria can cause infections particularly in young children and elderly people.

We want to investigate the movement of these bacteria from the hands into the nose. We would like to test if hand washing will reduce this movement. This will help us understand how bacteria is spread from one person to another and test which interventions can reduce this transmission.



We invite healthy volunteers to have a few drops of the bacteria put on their hands and then attempt to try and move the bacteria from the hand to the nose by sniffing and rubbing your nose. Volunteers will be randomly allocated to one of three groups: wash hands with Lifebuoy bar soap, wash hands with water or no intervention before attempting to move the bacteria into their noses. After this we would monitor the body’s response carefully.

Volunteers will attend clinic appointments and they will be required to give blood and nasal samples.

Please contact the respiratory research team for more information if you are a

  • Healthy
  • Non-smoker
  • Aged 18-50 years

(You will be paid for your time and inconvenience)

 Please contact Respiratory Research for further information on:

Tel: 0151 702 9486 or 07740 410 290


Text 2VOL to 88802

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