Improving Quality of Integrated ANC and PNC

  • Strengthening the capacity of healthcare providers and managers working at participating health care facilities in the provision and assessment of ANC and PNC and on the use of a standards-based audit as a mechanism for improving care. The QI training package on standards-based audit covers routine data collection and use to further build capacity of healthcare providers enhancing data quality and use for decision-making. There will be periodic workshops and co-learning on QI interventions as well as ongoing support with data collection and review.
  • Adaptation of the quality improvement face to face training package to a blended learning training approach. More information on the blended learning quality improvement training can be found here.
  • To institutionalize a culture of QI at healthcare facilities and embed its support within the health system, a number of mentors will be trained in each of the focus countries. This new aspect of mentorship will be a crucial component in monitoring and reinforcing progress of healthcare providers in offering quality ANC and PNC services in their facilities. Mentors will offer timely support to health care providers on challenges they face in their facility and promote participatory decision making based on data from within healthcare facilities. More information on the mentorship intervention can be found here.

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