Pneumonia: Information for Volunteers

Working towards vaccines for Pneumonia - how research can help

Pneumonia: information for volunteers

Join us as a clinical trial volunteer

By becoming a clinical trial volunteer, you are making a significant contribution to developing pioneering research and new treatments.

We are researching a bacteria called pneumococcus. We think that small numbers of bacteria present in the nose (“nasal carriage”) can may protect people against disease. Small numbers of these bacteria are often found in the nose of healthy adults (at least once per year) and more often in children.

In the future, this research will contribute towards the development of a new vaccine for pneumococcal infection.

We are always recruiting healthy volunteers for a number of trials we are conducting, some of our more specific studies are discussed below in more detail.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the team and see if you are eligible to take part in any of our current or upcoming research studies. We will then send you some more information about the current studies you are eligible to volunteer for. A member of our team will also discuss this it with you: please ask us if you have any questions.

Please contact the Respiratory Research Team for further information:

Text: 2VOL to 88802

Email: sends e-mail)

Tel: 07740 410290

You will be paid for your time and inconvenience.

Our current clinical trials