Pneumo 2


Preventing pneumococcal disease through vaccination

Pneumo 2

A short video about the trial

Some strains of pneumococcus are present in each vaccine however they continue to circulate in the community and cause disease. This is called vaccine escape. In this study, we want to investigate vaccine escape using strain 3 at 1 month following vaccination. We will also investigate if these vaccines provide long term protection against pneumococcal colonisation 6 months post vaccination.

This randomised controlled trial will test both vaccines against a placebo. Volunteers will be randomly allocated to receive one pneumococcal vaccine or a placebo (saline injection). The volunteers, scientists and clinical team will not know which treatment they have been randomised to receive. An unblinded team will administer the vaccine/ placebo.

In this study we are aiming to recruit a total of 516 healthy adults aged 18-50 years old.

Meet our volunteers

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Research into vaccines is the only way to find out which vaccines will work – researchers need people to take part in studies to find out which possible new vaccine works best.

If you are interested in taking please register your interest on the volunteer page and then you will be sent information when a trial is recruiting.

This presentation will explain the process of signing up to be a trial volunteer. You can sign up to the volunteer database here.

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