MRC Confidence in Concept Fund

MRC Confidence in Concept Fund

The Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium is managing the MRC Confidence in Concept Award 2020 which can be allocated to individual projects that accelerate the transition from discovery science into therapeutic, diagnostic and vaccine development.  


‘The overarching aim of the consortium is to support preliminary work or feasibility studies which establish the viability of the approach and thereby accelerate the development of the solution’, says Giancarlo Biagini, Professor of Parasitology at LSTM, Senior Manager within the Consortium and The Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics (CDD).

‘Following receipt of CiC awards, we would expect the projects to be competitive for more substantive funding such as MRC DPFS awards’, 

Projects within the following categories will be eligible to apply:

• Diagnostics
• Therapeutics
• Vaccines
• Vector control tools
• Translational focussed Informatics
• Translational enabling technologies

Eligible projects should be at the stage where allocated funding by the Consortium would develop the approach to the next level where it would be capable of successfully applying to larger external translational funding sources. It is the objective of the Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium to create a critical mass necessary for UK researchers who are interested in translating their research into health benefits, which will support them in an increasingly competitive international market. The aim is to support a high number of scientifically excellent translational proposals.

Applications are required to have a Principal Investigator from one of the Consortium’s partner institutions and projects from more than one of the partner institutions are encouraged. Applications with SMEs/Pharma will attract a higher weighting within the scoring process, but these must be led by the academic PI. 

Application documents

Please note that attachments to the application form will not be considered and if any are included with the submission they will be removed before being sent to ESAC members.  Please limit Publications References to 10 max and add them the end of the document.

The application process for the current round will open soon

The Transparency & Conflict of interest guidance can be found here