Health Policy & Health Systems Research

To improve prevention and treatment of many diseases, new products and interventions require knowledge of their effective implementation and an understanding of their impact through constant monitoring and evaluation.

LSTM’s emphasis on product development alongside translational and policy research with special focus on health systems and capacity strengthening resonates strongly with institutions; governments and their ministries; funding bodies and partner organisations across the globe.

Health Policy and Health Systems Research at LSTM includes a strong focus on taking interventions from regulatory approval through to field implementation. 

This encompasses the activities that help develop practical solutions to health needs and rights. It incorporates the spectrum of research that delivers policy-relevant evidence and includes operational, implementation, and health systems research.

It is part of the value chain taking knowledge from Discovery and Translation and moving it into policy and practice. These research domains are required to develop and synthesize a robust body of evidence to help drive policy and practice for health amongst poor and vulnerable populations in the developing world. It requires expertise from a range of disciplines to combine and integrate scientific, technological, economic and social insights.