S9E1 - Implementation Research and capacity strengthening for ANC and PNC

Media 12 Sep 2022

In this week’s episode we hear from Dr. Leonard Katalambula, the project lead of the ‘Quality Improvement for Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services during Antenatal and Postnatal care’ in Tanzania and

Dr Uzochukwu Egere, Senior Research Associate, Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). Together with co-host Lucy Nyaga, Country Director at LSTM Kenya, our guests discuss the scope of implementation research under the Global Fund programme, the institutional research collaborations and capacity strengthening opportunities, and the benefits of the programme to communities. 

Lucy Nyaga

Country Director, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Kenya 

My name is Lucy Nyaga. I am the Country Director, Liverpool School of Tropical medicine, in Kenya. I have a background in Medical Anthropology and Public Health with extensive experience in promoting implementation of research results into policy and practice with a special focus on MNH.  With twenty years’ experience working in health programming, my experience and expertise in MNH has involved managing and implementing programmes that incorporate implementation research to inform effective programming and policy influence. Working with a range of organizations ranging from governments, academic and research institutions, UN agencies, and national & INGO, I have led and contributed to key MNH research that has led to policy influence in Eastern Africa. 



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Dr Uzochukwu Egere

Senior Research Associate (M&E and Data management), Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit, Liverpool school of Tropical Medicine 

I am primarily a paediatrician with extensive research experience and interest in Implementation research and health systems strengthening in the areas of Maternal and Child health, Lung health and Tuberculosis. My work focusses on health and health systems challenges relevant to low-and middle-income settings and facilitates interactions between researchers and consumers of research outputs (the community) to ensure timely policy change and uptake of interventions. 

Dr. Leonard Katalambula  

Dr. Leonard Katalambula is PhD holder in public health and head of public health department at the University of Dodoma. He has over 14 years’ experience in teaching research and consultancy related to public health. He is a project lead of the Quality Improvement for Integrated HIV, TB and Malaria Services during Antenatal and Postnatal care in Tanzania, The project is funded by Global Fund and implemented by LSTM, Ministry of Health and the University of Dodoma. Dr Katalambula is also a principal investigator of the project “Meals Education and Garden for School in Adolescents. He has been engaged in several implementation research including 'Effectiveness of letter' and 'brochure' and 'brochure to a male partner' on increasing women’s uptake of cervical cancer screening in Bahi, Dodoma: A randomized controlled trial. Effectiveness of a community-based intervention (Konga model) in addressing the factors contributing to viral load suppression among children living with HIV in Tanzania: A cluster-randomized clinical trial study. Dr Katalambula is a champion of a youth club at the University of Dodoma whose main objective is to promote health among youths, especially reproductive health. 


This is a podcast in the series: Connecting Citizens to Science, which focuses on health research based on equitable partnerships between researchers and communities.