LSTM embarks on new programme in Togo

Blog 1 Jan 2018

LSTM is embarking on a new programme in Togo, West Africa with the donor Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (GFATM). The primary aim is to integrate screening for and follow up of HIV, TB and malaria into both ante-natal and post-natal care, while at the same time improving the standard of these services for both mothers and babies.

On the 15 May 2017, Monir Islam, CMNH Senior Technical Officer for Global Fund, and Nick Goldup, CMNH Operations Director, met with a number of Togolese officials and Lomé based UN agencies, including the University of Lomé who will be our local partner on this implementation research Programme. 

The CMNH delegation toured different healthcare facilities in the Plateaux region of the country (one of two regions in which we will work) visiting regional and district hospitals as well community level health facility.

"Integration of HIV, TB and Malaria into ANC and PNC provides a strategic opportunity to achieve SDG targets of Universal Health Coverage and improve health and survival of mothers and newborns. CMNH is proud to be part of this initiative" Monir said.

The programme has been welcomed by the Secretary General of the Togo government, Minister of Health, UN agencies, GF country coordination committee members and the CMNH team are now readying themselves for further visits in June in order to begin a baseline assessment of facilities, as well as agreeing all Quality Improvement (QI) standards and training material with the Ministry of Health.