Dr Sarah White

Senior Statistician

Sarah has over twenty years of experience working in biomedical statistics while residing in Africa, using her knowledge and skills to train others at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and to support research. She joined LSTM to focus on supporting research in maternal and newborn health and currently works in the Emergency Obstetric and Quality of Care Unit. Sarah completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham and gained experience in clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry prior to working in Africa.

Sarah has experience in designing and analysing randomised controlled clinical trials, including trials measuring longitudinal or survival type outcomes, cluster randomised trials, cross-sectional surveys and method comparison studies. Her current work includes supporting the design and analysis of monitoring and evaluation activities undertaken to improve pregnancy outcomes, including randomised trials which involve randomisation of clusters to study arms or steps.

Sarah is a Chartered Statistician member of the Royal Statistical Society

Selected publications

  • These are non-CMNH publications which reflect some statistical methodological research which Sarah supervised.

    Mukaka M, White SA, Terlouw DJ, Mwapasa V, Kalilani Phiri L, Faragher B. Is using multiple imputation better than complete case analysis for estimating a prevalence (risk) difference in randomized controlled trials when binary outcome observations are missing?; Trials 2016: 17:341 DOI: 10.1186/s13063-016-1473-3

    Mukaka M, White SA, Mwapasa V, Kalilani-Phiri L, Terlouw DJ and Faragher EB. Model choices to obtain adjusted risk difference estimates from a binomial regression model with convergence problems: An assessment of methods of adjusted risk difference estimation. J Med Stat Inform. 2016; 4:5. http://dx.doi.org/10.7243/2053-7662-4-5