Amber Lydia Reed Msc Bsc

Amber was working for a Pharmaceutical company Norgine till September 2018 before taking on the Doctoral training programme in October 2018. 

At Norgine she was a Publications Intern in Medical Affairs department where she gained valuable industry experience and skills. The role involved a variety of tasks including data analysis, writing scientific abstracts, writing and editing manuscripts ready for publishing and producing presentations for abstracts. She also attended British Society of Gastroenterology conference and spend a day with a sales rep (hospital specialist).

Amber hold’s an MSc in mathematical medicine and biology from Nottingham University and BSc in Biology and Mathematics from Keele University. During her studies at Keele, the main areas that caught her eye were human parasitology and clinical pathology including parasite diagnosis and medical statistics. She is interested in research on the control of vectors, diagnostic methods, disease surveillance, vector competence and drug resistance.

In her third year dissertation, she studied Aedes mosquitoes, concentrating in particular on the use of the endosymbiont Wolbachia as a strategy for controlling mosquito-borne diseases. This opened her eyes to the complexity of parasitic organisms and how a deep understanding of the biology of infectious agents can lead to novel ways of reducing the devastating diseases that affect the lives of thousands of people. While at Nottingham, her Msc helped her gain many research and analytical skills. For her thesis, she developed her own research proposal in mathematical modelling of the transmission and spread of drug resistance against Human African Trypanosomiasis. She hope’s that in the future her research will contribute to new knowledge and potentially save the lives of many vulnerable people.

Outside of her studies she enjoys running, in particular track and field and cross country, competing at national and county-level.    She also has been a qualified lifeguard for 7 years and more recently become a PADI Open water diver.