Angus Spiers

Headshot of Angus Spiers

Meet Angus Spiers, a public health expert with over 20 years of experience in the field of malaria control. From his early days as a MSc student at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to his current role as the Director of Innovation to Impact (I2I), Angus has dedicated his career to finding effective solutions to one of the world's most pressing health challenges.

Angus started his journey in 1998 when he enrolled in the MSc in Tropical Parasitology and Medical Entomology at LSTM. His interest in malaria was piqued by his BSc in Zoology at the University of Liverpool and he went on to complete his PhD at LSTM on the seasonality of malaria vectors in the Shire Valley, Malawi. After completing his PhD, Angus knew that he wanted to use his expertise to make a difference in the world and so he embarked on a career in public health.

Over the next decade, Angus worked in a number of leadership positions at various organizations including The Mentor Initiative, UNICEF, Population Services International, and USAID. He served as UNICEF's Regional Malaria Advisor in Angola, PSI's Deputy Director of Malaria and Child Survival, and a Senior Technical Advisor at USAID/PMI. His extensive experience in advisory positions on malaria equipped him perfectly for his current role as Director of I2I.

In 2013, Angus took on the challenge of leading I2I, a global partnership aimed at transforming the development and delivery of vector control products. He works closely with over 30 stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and LSTM's Innovative Vector Control Consortium, to find stakeholder consensus on shared challenges and to catalyse solutions to these challenges.

As the Director of I2I, Angus leads the strategic agenda and manages relationships with all major stakeholders. He is passionate about finding innovative solutions to tackle malaria and is dedicated to ensuring that vector control products reach those who need them most. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in making I2I one of the most impactful organizations in the fight against malaria.

Angus is a true champion of malaria control. From his early days as a PhD student to his current role as Director of I2I, he has dedicated his life to finding effective solutions to this global health challenge. His passion, expertise, and leadership have made him a key player in the fight against malaria and his work has inspired countless others to join the cause.

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