Clea Knight

(Short Course on Global Climate Change & Health, 2022)

Meet Clea Knight, a Climate and Health Specialist who is leading the charge at Crown Agents, a non-profit organization working towards a sustainable future. Clea's journey to this role was inspired by her previous experience in global health, where she observed the need for a more integrated approach to the relationship between climate and health.

It was at this point that Clea discovered the LSTM short course on Global Climate Change and Health and found it to be the perfect starting point to further her knowledge and skills in this field. The course was well-taught and inspired Clea to make a career transition from traditional health system strengthening to the newly emerging field of sustainable and climate-resilient healthcare.

Half a year after the course, Clea has fully embraced her role as a Climate and Health Specialist. The work she is involved in requires a comprehensive analysis of the climate-health landscape, a process that was started during the short-course. Clea has found this transition to be both challenging and rewarding, as she continues to educate and engage colleagues in the importance of this newly emerging field.

When reflecting on her time in Liverpool, Clea fondly remembers hearing about the diverse and interesting essay topics of her fellow students.

Clea's advice to future LSTM students is simple - go for it! The short-course is an excellent way to develop your understanding and appreciation of the climate and health space and will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to make a difference in the world.

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