Daniel McDermott

I carried out my undergraduate in Zoology at Trinity College Dublin where I developed a keen interest in parasitology. 

I continued my studies by completing an MSc in LSTM in the Molecular Biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors. Upon finishing my MSc, I worked as a research assistant for the IVCC where I got to see the challenges that exist in developing new vector control tools. 

I joined the MRC/DTP programme this year to work on a project that aims to characterise the hotspots of malaria transmission in the Southern Region of Malawi. 

What attracted me to the MRC/DTP programme was the worldwide recognition that LSTM receives in the field of public health and seeing the strong translational focus embedded into the field from my role in the IVCC. I felt the MRC/DTP programme offers the perfect opportunity to develop these soft skills, vital for becoming a working scientist, in conjunction with working on a project that could have real-world implications for how malaria control is carried out.