Divine Ngitir Njodzeven

Meet Divine Ngitir Njodzeven (DSRH, 2020)

I am from Bamenda, the Capital City of the North West Region of Cameroon. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science from the University of Buea. Currently, I am the head of the Women’s Health Program in Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health services, one of the largest Faith-based organisations in Cameroon.

My key role since the past three years is ensuring accessibility to and provision of a full range of family planning and reproductive health services in the Nkwen Health area. Also, it is one of my main responsibilities to ensure capacity building and supervision of staff in the area, on family planning services and digital cervicography, an innovative method of cervical cancer screening that utilizes a digital camera to photograph the cervix before and after application of acetic acid and Lugol’s iodine.

 LSTM to the best of my knowledge is one of the leading research universities in the world in SRH and maternal and neonatal health. I think that my participation in the DSRH course offered in LSTM, designed to focus on resource limited settings, will be to me a major door opener towards a meaningful and a satisfying career as an International Public Health Consultant with SRH concentration.

 As I find myself within the framework of a difficult economy and also given the fact that my current job cannot meet up with the financial demands of such an outstanding and rich international course, without the scholarship I could never ever dream of coming to LSTM. The scholarship has made it possible for me to study and also acquire an international experience in LSTM.  

 In the future I aim to be an International Public Health consultant with SRH concentration, ensuring that women and girls are empowered in all ramifications in their quest for SRH wellness. I see this scholarship award as an exceptional means of moving towards achieving my career ambitions and for the well-being of Cameroonians.

 Words cannot really express how much thankful I am for this award. It has done to me what I could not do for myself or my parents. Thank you very much.

 I remember when I was leaving to travel to LSTM, it was like a dream.  My mother, who is a farmer and currently living in a semi-rural area, hugged me with tears of joy in her eyes and said ‘’please when you arrive,  say,  thank you,  to the wonderful people that provided you with the scholarship, and may God bless them for me’"