Dr. Saddiq Abdurrahman

Headshot of Dr. Saddiq Abdurrahman

From Medical Officer to Public Health Director

Dr. Saddiq Abdurrahman's journey to a successful career in public health started with his desire to earn a foreign certificate, specifically from the UK. As a young Medical Officer (MO) working in Abuja, he recognised the preference for foreign certificates in the Nigerian job market and sought sponsorship to study abroad.

His opportunity to study in the UK came when he met Professor LE Cuevas, the course coordinator at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, during a visit to Nigeria. Saddiq was warmly received by LSTM and settled quickly into the MSc Tropical Medicine course. His program allowed him to travel to Brazil to collect his dissertation data, where he stayed for eight weeks, before returning to the UK to complete his analysis and defence.

Since completing his course, Saddiq has made a name for himself in the public health sector. He returned to Nigeria as a Medical Officer and was soon promoted to Assistant Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program Officer and later, Program Manager for the Federal Capital Territory TB and Leprosy Control Program. Under his leadership, the program received recognition for its outstanding service in the fight against tuberculosis, leprosy, and buruli ulcer. Saddiq was also recognized for his contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic and was promoted to Deputy Director to head the Disease Control Division in the Public Health Department and later confirmed as a substantive Director, Public Health Department in FCT Abuja.

Saddiq is proud of his achievements and attributes his success to hard work, dedication, and humility. He has a passion for table tennis and athletic outdoor exercises and is happily married with four children.

LSTM holds a special place in Saddiq's heart as his first experience of studying abroad and his introduction to a successful career in public health. He cites LSTM's state-of-the-art equipment and experienced tutors as the reasons for its success and believes that students will excel in their chosen courses at LSTM. For current and prospective students, Saddiq’s advice is simple: hard work, dedication, and humility pay off.

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